Audio Visual Tips and Tricks

Audio Visual Tips and Tricks

There are many intricate details that go in to creating the perfect event. Oftentimes, some of the most important features are overlooked. While the perfect speaker, great sponsors, and a crowded room of people are important to your event, audio visual components are just a crucial to its success.

Get Cost Estimates: We all know that costs can add up quickly for audio/visual. Your venue should have a schedule of equipment, power, and rigging fees readily available. You should also get audio/visual needs from presenters. Be sure to prioritize your list of requirements ahead of time and be prepared to compromise or make changes based on costs. Also remember to account for sufficient set-up and strike time to avoid incurring overtime charges. Keep in mind that if your venue utilizes union labor, it will affect your costs.

Go Wireless: No more tripping over mic cords, or enduring loud screeching sounds when your audio/visual goes wireless! Speakers can move around the room freely while engaging with the audience. And, what’s more is you can take advantage of the venue’s Wi-Fi in a way that your audience can interact with your speakers through apps like live polling and surveys.

Test Your Equipment: We understand that many meeting planners like to use their own laptops and projectors to save money. However, they forget to test presentations prior to the event and when they show up and plug in the speaker’s flash drive, nothing works properly. Get presentations ahead of time and ensure that they display properly. If renting equipment from the venue, coordinate a dry run through the presentations prior to the event. Don’t forget to test video, sound, and any external links.

Ensure Optimal Viewing: Meeting rooms come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Ask your venue for room options and diagrams, including staging options. Be sure you have sufficient screens (and that they are large enough) in the room so that everyone in the audience has an unobstructed view. Also, remember that brighter is better when it comes to projectors. Lumens can range anywhere from 2,500 to 15,000 and many projectors now come with high-definition capabilities. If your office projector doesn’t pass muster, you can always rent from the venue, as they are likely to upgrade their equipment more frequently than you do.

Hire an Onsite Technician: Most venues providing audio/visual equipment will also offer technical assistance. No one knows the equipment better than the venue staff. To maximize your peace of mind, take advantage of their services. Make plans to meet your technician ahead of time to test your presentations on their equipment. Having onsite assistance is especially important when lighting cues and music are involved. However, keep in mind that most venue technicians come with an hourly price tag; so budget accordingly.

Understanding your event objectives is the key to a successful event. If your conference/meeting is more of a “show,” then the audio/visual aspects are a top priority. It is important to plan ahead and to discuss set-up and staging with your venue so that they can make recommendations.

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