15 Jun Let your registration site do the heavy lifting!

As events are evolving to accommodate the current environment, you may find yourself with more attendee types and with information that needs to reach different audiences. The last thing you want is a confusing registration process to deter your potential audience. The right website and...

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19 May How do we prepare a social physically distant meeting in 2021?

How do we prepare a social physically distant meeting in 2021? Meetings & events will be on the rise again in Q3 & Q4 of 2021 but they may look a little different. As companies and organizations prepare for the rebirth of live events, we’re...

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19 Oct Meeting & Event COVID Survey Results

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been felt in every area of the meetings industry. Our industry has been impacted by cancellations of conferences, events and large gatherings. And again, our industry has been impacted by the economic downturn and slow recovery from the pandemic. Infinix...

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14 Oct How RxWW Navigated our First LIVE Meeting Since March:

It’s no secret that the number of live meetings have been limited since March. Though we’ve been tapping into our virtual expertise, boy had we missed live programs! We’ve had a small sliver of that excitement with a 2-part LIVE (yes, we said it…LIVE!) meeting...

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16 Jul Four Top Ways Meeting Apps Boost Virtual Engagement

Virtual meetings are the mainstay across the globe in 2020. When people get together to exchange ideas, they’re turning to technology as the conduit for connection. Sure, there have been plenty of event planners executing virtual meetings for years but, as an industry, we’ve had...

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09 Jul Three Top Virtual Teambuilding Trends in 2020

Three Top Virtual Teambuilding Trends in 2020 Let's face it…  The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown us all for a loop, even if we’ve been lucky enough not to be sickened by it.  Those of us in the business of bringing people together have had to re-imagine...

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