12 Jan Awesome Organizational Tools for Staying on Task On the Go

  OrganizationBusiness travel has a unique way of trying to throw people off track. Between potential delays and distractions seemingly everywhere, it takes a fair amount of discipline to keep yourself organized and on track. The great news is that you don't have to go at it alone. There are several tried and true tools and methods that successful people utilize to maintain laser-like focus.
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22 Jul 8 Travel Tips to Stay Safe, Healthy and Productive

travel tips The world of travel tips is filled with admonishments to go off the beaten path and embrace standby to have a serendipitous adventure, free from every care in the world. Business travelers know that is a bunch of bunk. Efficiency and security are the two pillars of the hotel-hopper interested in safe travel and career advancement. Traveling for meetings, conventions and events is a modern fact of life for many in the business world. And the medical/pharmaceutical industry is notorious for holding meetings all across the United States and the world. So the average doctor, pharmaceutical sales rep and hospital administrator needs to be on their travel game. With all this travel to locales exotic and domestic, it make sense to prepare as much as possible. You want to make your convention attendance as productive as possible. So these eight travel tips will bring your experience up to a level that most convention goers and meeting hounds have never reached.
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13 Jul 8 Great Ideas for Team Building Activities

Fun team building activities are the holy grail for HR mavens and middle managers. How do you stimulate teamwork and get your employees to embrace each other. Literally and figuratively. Companies need team building activities. Good ones can improve communication by building trust and familiarity. Morale...

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27 Jun Top 10 Incentive Destinations for 2016

incentive travel Working in incentive travel in 2016, it can be hard to wow your attendees and show them something new. So you need to think outside of the box. From the exotic shores of Croatia to the looming icebergs of Greenland, these 10 incentive destinations of of 2016 are just what the doctor ordered.
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27 Jun How to Choose the Perfect Menu for Your Event

energizing foods

When you get right down to it, figuring out how to choose the perfect menu for your event is just like any other task associated with planning a great meeting: Knowledge, ideation, execution. And incisive attention to detail, of course!

Our 25-plus years of experience in the specialized meeting space has taught us that every detail is important. Essential, in fact. From the accommodations to the program to the speakers, all items need attention. One large item that sometimes falls by the wayside when companies are planning events is the cuisine. Whether putting on a meeting for sales reps, a group of doctors or a small collection of C-suite executives, everyone needs to eat. And they need to eat well, with plenty of energizing foods.
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