Innovative Ways to Enhance the HCP Onsite Sign-In Process

Innovative Ways to Enhance the HCP Onsite Sign-In Process

For meeting planners, the only thing worse than long check-in lines is keeping track of manual sign-in sheets for conference sessions at a health care provider (HCP) event. With the ever-changing regulatory requirements for HCP spending, the meetings industry is tasked with providing effective (and efficient!) ways of ensuring compliance. According to regulations, we are required to capture and report accurate attendance information as it relates to transfer of value (TOV) for all HCPs attending pharma conferences and events.

The use of customer relationship management (CRM) software has become industry standard. Utilizing electronic sign-in systems minimize reporting errors commonly found in the manual attendance data reporting process. Many CRMs include event modules that are equipped to provide each attendee with a unique bar code that can be scanned as they enter education sessions and hosted meals. This data is then linked to the HCP’s record in the CRM. The process provides a seamless reporting system with little to no error.

Apps like Cvent’s On Arrival provide a great platform for on-site check-in and attendee management.

If a CRM system is out of the question, consider taking advantage of one of many online event management programs available by subscription. These programs will allow you to set-up registration and track attendance. You will also be able to export your data in .csv and .xls format which are both easily convertible for your HCP reporting needs.

If these software capabilities are not within your budget, another option would be to track attendance manually on a computer. Have your attendee list pre-populated on an Excel spreadsheet and simply document attendees at they enter the session.  This method, although time consuming for your staff, is preferred over having the HCP sign in manually and requiring that you attempt to decipher their handwriting later. It also gives you a little more one-on-one face-time with your attendees.

The process to maintain integrity in the sign-in process for pharmaceutical conferences can seem a bit overwhelming. But, have no fear; your partners at InfinixGlobal have the technical resources you need to enhance the HCP onsite sign-in process at your pharma events!

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