Let your registration site do the heavy lifting!


Let your registration site do the heavy lifting!

As events are evolving to accommodate the current environment, you may find yourself with more attendee types and with information that needs to reach different audiences. The last thing you want is a confusing registration process to deter your potential audience. The right website and a clear path for your invitees to register can simplify the registration process so both you and your attendees have a great first impression of your upcoming meeting or event.

As hybrid meeting formats become more regular, your attendee types will double. You may now have both in-person and virtual sponsors, vendors, as well as a variety of attendee types arriving/departing on different days (if in-person) or slated to attend specific sessions on specific days. Though this may feel overwhelming, setting up the correct logic within your registration site is key to keeping it simple for your registrants. Allowing each person to only see what pertains to their event experience will allow for an easy registration experience and will keep them excited to attend your event instead of having to email you with their questions or confusion.

For a hybrid meeting, networking between your in-person and virtual attendees is important. Advanced registration tools will allow you to upload images, bios, fun facts, or general information during your registration process. This is a great way to get headshots or talking points from all your participants so that your attendees can put a face to a name, no matter where they are participating from.

Pre-meeting materials can be made available through links on the website or linked in email communication. The convenience of a website allows for a one-stop-shop for all meeting information rather than having to search for individual emails with piecemeal information. Additionally, you may opt to have different pages visible only to certain attendee types. For instance, create a page for your virtual attendees only that outlines best practices when participating virtually.

Finally, if you’ve been using a registration platform as part of your strategic meeting management plan, don’t stop now! Keeping this data in a single location has an abundance of advantages ranging from vendor/venue negotiations to providing efficiencies when auditing an event. These advantages translate to virtual meetings as well so you will not want a gap in your plan; stay the course!

If you’re not currently using event management software, or if you are currently using a tool but no longer have the bandwidth to manage it or need help getting the most out of your investment, let us help you!

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