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Inspiring Others with Experiences

Incentives are a vital part of a thriving business, and our Incentives enhance every aspect of this growing category. As a major motivator and morale builder, incentives are key to boosting your company’s reputation and building goodwill among employees. These include everything from adventurous group travel to exotic individual excursions, relaxing spa days, and lavish company dinners. With so many options, we can help you make the best choice. Want to see how we do it?

Incentive planning and execution may seem like a vast and overwhelming field, but we can help you navigate the waters. We think through all of the aspects of incentives so you can rest easy. Infinix Global Meetings & Events® is your personal concierge for every step. Want to learn more about our programs that can motivate your employees and raise company morale through the roof? Check out our Case Studies >

Planning Your IncentivesPlanning Your Incentive

▪ Deciding on an incentive program

We help you think through all the options and decide on the most strategic, creative, and exciting solution.

▪ Outlining the structure

Our data-driven research helps you decide on a target audience and create attainable goals.

▪ Determining the details

We ensure that your incentive program is unique and enticing to encourage participation.

▪ Picking the perfect destination

Whether your incentive involves a week-long group excursion or a team-building day trip, we provide the best locations for your needs.

▪ Personalizing incentive materials

We use our creative capabilities to ensure that your incentive program is customized with your specific branding.

▪ Building a realistic timeline

With our experience in managing timelines and schedules, you can rest easy knowing your incentive solution will be executed on time.

▪ Reviewing tax implications and logistical needs

Our in-depth knowledge of the fine-print details will leave you in good hands.

Planning Your Incentives

Launching The ProgramLaunching the Program

▪ Creating teasers and announcements

We design every element of your incentive program to fire up your team and motivate employees.

▪ Designing enrollment kits

To ensure your bases are covered, we provide all necessary qualification forms and enrollment items.

▪ Sending e-blasts and updates

Motivation is a key driver of success, so we plan e-mails and updates to keep your team on track and heighten anticipation.

▪ Ensuring award delivery

Whether it’s a hotel stay, resort vacation, or tickets to a Broadway play, fulfilling your prize is the most important part of an incentive program! We work with key partners to ensure that each award is executed flawlessly.

Launching The Program

Finalizing The DetailsFinalizing the Details

▪ Running a post-program assessment

You’re in good hands when you leave the follow-up duties to us. We develop a custom post-program assessment to evaluate the results.

▪ Tying up loose ends

If there are any questions you have at the end of the program, we’ll be your go-to resource. Your incentive program’s ultimate success is our priority.

Finalizing The Details

RFP Incentives

Need an AWESOME incentive program?