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Case Studies

real world eXperience in eXecuting solutions

At Infinix Global Meetings & Events®, we pride ourselves on being able to consistently eXceed eXpectations for our clients with every meeting and event that we plan and execute. Click on the case studies below for real world examples of how we do it, by turning challenges into sweeping successes for our clients.

Case studiesExecuting Under Pressure

Our Client: Top 5 Pharma Company

Our Challenge: A study was advancing, and the clinical team wanted to execute a 50-person investigator meeting on short notice with participation from the right sites. The meeting needed to be organized in less than 6 weeks, and it was critical to attract the right attendees in order to make it worthwhile. On the day of travel into the meeting, storms caused many flight delays and a few cancellations.

Our Solution: Our team quickly took action to find a location that was easy to reach. We also contacted the sites by email and by telephone to ensure maximum attendance. During the travel difficulties, our team worked with the travel agent in real time to find alternatives for impacted travelers.

eXceeding eXpectations: All recruited sites were in attendance for the meeting, despite the weather. The details of the meeting were all in place and execution was seamless.

Boarding a plane“[It] was organized perfectly and went extremely well. You were excellent, organized, and all participants felt supported by the way the meeting was set up. So, it was a success! Thank you again.” –Client

Men shaking handsDelivering on Time and Under Budget

Our Client: Top 5 Pharma Company

Our Challenge: The client needed a turnkey provider for executing a 30-person investigator meeting. It was critical to stay within a tight budget and execute on short notice.

Our Solution: Careful negotiations and quick planning allowed us to present several options that met the client’s requirements.

eXceeding eXpectations: The meeting was a success and was delivered under budget, allowing us to deliver the client’s two major requirements without any issues.

Woman giving a speech“If you didn’t already know, the general consensus from EVERYONE was that [you] were fantastic. Infinix was mentioned over and over to be the best meeting planners, and I couldn’t agree more with my first experience. You guys were lovely, patient, professional, and anticipated our every need. Thank you so much and I hope to work with you again soon!” –Client

People in lineAccommodating a Growing Guest List

Our Client: Leading Biotechnology Company

Our Challenge: The client wanted to host a 500-person patient day event to elevate awareness of a disease, present their work in the disease area, and celebrate early success in clinical trials. The event started as a much smaller number of anticipated attendees, but with an overwhelming response, the client wanted to include as many patients as possible.

Our Solution: Our team obtained additional rooms for the growing attendee list and updated transportation on a constant basis in order to deal with the evolving needs. We also made sure that the venue was fitted to meet the increased demand.

eXceeding eXpectations: The patient event was well received, and we were able to go above and beyond the client’s requirements. From the food trucks to the band to the bounce houses, the patient response was phenomenal and planning for next year is already underway.

People eating at food trucks“Thank you sooooooooooooo much for making this event so fun! It was fabulous. The patients had a great time (and so did I)! I appreciate your efforts to make everyone happy.” –Client

Resort poolCreating a Cost-Effective Experience

Our Client: Leading Infectious Disease Company

Our Challenge: The customer wanted a high-quality 75-person investigator meeting within the budget constraints of a medical meeting that required open payment reporting. Our challenge was to maximize the experience within these budget constraints (e.g., meal caps, etc.), while still meeting the customer’s expectations.

Our Solution: We worked together with the hotel and other vendors by leveraging our experience and volume of business. By doing this, we were able to deliver some extras at a reasonable cost that stayed within the caps and overall budget.

eXceeding eXpectations: The meeting was a great success overall. We integrated some creative low-cost alternatives like dining poolside at the hotel, allowing the meeting to come in under budget.

People swimming at a resort pool“I just wanted to send a note to you to say thank you for your hard work. We appreciate all of your efforts and those of the entire Infinix team on our project. We had a debriefing meeting tonight, and our CEO shared with us that our lead PI told him that this was the most organized and well-run meeting he’s ever been to. That is quite a compliment. Again, thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do for our meeting.” –Client

Conference room for meetingsPromoting Practice Development

Our Client: Leading Medical Device Company

Our Challenge: Our client requested a 50-person practice development event for a group of doctors and practice managers. The meeting’s purpose was to discuss patient flow and marketing in order to increase patient adoption of an enhanced medical procedure. We were challenged to find enough space to hold the side meeting during a conference and stay within the budget, while still making the event inviting for paying attendees.

Our Solution: Our team maintained constant negotiations with the hotel up to the pre-conference meeting. We also continued to coordinate with other vendors throughout the day of the event in order to meet the client’s needs.

eXceeding eXpectations: We ensured that the customer’s needs came first in order to stay within the budget and still engage attendees. In the end, the theme was inviting to the attendees and established a new standard for future practice development events.

Reception room“Great event. Very well planned.” –Guest “I think this was an excellent meeting. I really learned new things and also had some points validated.” –Guest

People building team spiritBuilding Team Spirit

Our Client: Leading Pharma/Medical Device Company

Our Challenge: Our client requested a 250-person team building and training event. They wanted to pull together several teams that had previously worked in silos, but needed training and cross-training while developing into a cohesive team. The group size increased more than twice during planning, which created a logistical challenge. We needed to coordinate the details from the different groups coming together for the first time, while fitting into the space originally allocated by the hotel.

Our Solution: Our team maintained constant contact with all parties prior to the meeting to coordinate the many last minute additions and changes.

eXceeding eXpectations: We were able to handle and coordinate all of the details, despite the challenging logistics and size of the event. The event was a great success, and the newly formed team is looking forward to making this an annual event.

People sitting on inflatable balls

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