Technology on the Go: Our Favorite Apps and Devices for the Business Traveler

Technology on the Go: Our Favorite Apps and Devices for the Business Traveler

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When traveling for work, two maxims often come to mind:

“Be prepared” – Scout motto
“Don’t leave home without it.” – American Express

Given tightening luggage restrictions and the randomness of life, we all know these two statements are simply impossible to live by every time we set out on a journey. However, thanks to our smartphones and an ever-growing litany of useful apps, it’s easier than ever to bring useful stuff with you.

Business travelers may not have a solution for long airport lines or miles of vehicular traffic, but those of us who are true Road (and Sky!) Warriors can offer up several apps to alleviate some of travel’s pain points.

Before you head out for your next conference or business trip, download these apps. You’re welcome.

Plugs of the World
This ad-free app is a must for international business travelers. Free of ads, this app features a straightforward guide that contains information about AC power plugs and voltages in over 200 regions around the globe.
iOS  Android

Nothing moves the needle on the stress-o-meter like travel. Do yourself a favor and download this app that encourages meditation, a practice that is proven to reduce negative energy. After giving the free 10-day trial a whirl, you’ll understand why there have been over 6 million downloads.
iOS  Android

Builds a cloud-based itinerary in calendar format by simply forwarding your confirmation emails to their master email address.
iOS  Android

Generally safe and reliable, Uber gives business travelers more control over how they get from A to B. They also don’t have to worry about having cash at the ready. Set up a business profile and automatically receive an email that includes a map — this makes reimbursement with your employer a cinch. (See Expensify too!)
iOS  Android

Probably the most important app in my arsenal, Evernote ensures that everything I’ve written, annotated and collected is accessible anywhere. This is incredibly useful when putting together presentations from the road. Paid versions offer up to 10GB of space to store everything you could ever possibly need.
iOS  Android

White Noise – Sleep Well
You can pick your hotel, but you can’t pick your hotel neighbors. That’s why both light and heavy sleepers alike should download a noise making app. Choose from a variety of audio to drown out unwanted sounds.
iOS  Android

Hotel Tonight
I’ll save your time; the app name says it all. You never know when your plans will change.
iOS  Android

Tell the app where you are going, on which dates, and it will look at the climate and the weather to offer up suggestions on what to pack. Checklists can be shared with friends and coworkers.
iOS  Android

Google Maps
iOS  Android

Google Trips
This app quietly launched late last year and is pretty killer for the business traveler that also wants to get out and explore. Editorial guides cover over 200 cities. Plus, as you know, Google is never shy about making personalized recommendations based on your search history. Guides can be downloaded and re accessible offline, perfect for some on-flight planning.
iOS  Android

Timely Alarm Clock

Simple interface to set an alarm and even design the appearance and interface of your personalized clock. Snooze the phone with a simple turn. Or, if you’re worried about missing that 9 a.m. seminar, set a challenge to dismiss the alarm.

Aside from these digital assets, there are several physical items that are great to travel with as well.

Mobile Hotspot. Many smartphones handle this today, but if your device is not compliant or you are light on data, consider a standalone hotspot.

Backup Battery Charger. Your boss is not going to want to hear that your laptop dies while taking notes.

Door Jammer. Many business travelers sight security as an issue when on the road. Take “locking” matters into your own hands with this portable safety device.

Chromecast/Roku/Amazon Fire Stick. Let’s face it, many hotels are still light in the in-room entertainment department. These light devices are a breeze to travel with and can keep you entertained during quiet periods.

Hot/Cold Packs. Another common complaint of fliers is the unpredictable (and often fluctuating) cabin temperature. Throw a disposable ice pack and/or heater in your carry-on bag to ensure optimal comfort.

An actual paper book. I know, I know, this might sound dated. But technology is still a wildcard. And with stories of specific mobile devices being banned from flights or rendered useless if dropped, it’s always nice to have an entertainment fallback.

It’s impossible to bring everything with you when you travel for business. However, with a little planning, you can be confident that all of your bases are covered the next time you’re away from home. Safe travels!
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