The Value in Venues: How can the location of your meeting impact its effectiveness?

The Value in Venues: How can the location of your meeting impact its effectiveness?

The most important part of a meeting is people; without people, there is no meeting. And the most effective way to get people to a meeting is to hold it in a venue/location they want to visit. Destination is everything. If people must go away on business for a meeting, they would all prefer to go somewhere appealing.  Selecting the venue is easy, because odds are, if it’s some place YOU want to go, other people will want to go, too.

Bottom line is: your meeting location and venue selection can certainly boost attendance and impact your meeting’s effectiveness in the following ways.

Venues provide perceived value

Retention happens organically when the meeting environment is consistently pleasurable. Your goal as a meeting planner is not only to attract attendees do your current meeting, but to keep them coming back for more! Negotiating venue costs and concessions and trickling those items down to your attendees is simple. Most venues, local vendors, and host cities will sponsor attendee gifts, door prizes, and more. Taking advantage of those offerings creates an immeasurable value to your guests.

Venues offer state-of-the-art audio/visual capabilities

If you can dream it, they can provide it (or find someone else who can bring it)! Because of the competitive nature of the special event venue industry, most (if not all) venues are stocked with all the A/V capabilities your sweet meeting planner heart could dream up! From the standard screen and projector, to high-tech sound and lighting, venues are equipped to handle the most complicated requests. And, what’s more, their tech vendors have all been vetted, saving your staff time and headache while creating that perceived value for attendees we’re all striving for.

Venues welcome families and friends

Destination meetings at great venues will encourage your guests to bring their family and friends along on the trip; thus, ensuring their attendance! And, as we’ve said before… attendance is what makes your meeting effective! If your guests love the location enough to bring their family, consider hosting a family social or excursion after (or before) the meeting. These days, people are striving more and more to find a work/life balance, so creating an event that incorporates that aspect of people’s lives is a good way to increase attendance and retain loyalty for your next meeting.

Venues create a refreshing change of pace

Office and conference room meetings spaces are boring. People want to visit new spots… see new sights… and experience new things. The sameness of traditional meetings is not a selling point for attendance. Environment plays a key role in the experience your attendees will have at your meeting. Get your attendees out of their element so that they can focus on the business at hand.

Attendees are more likely to remember a meeting if they are fascinated by where it was held. Moreover, they’ll be more inclined to attend the next meeting if they know that you have a knack for selecting great locations and venues. Opting for unique venues that encompass outstanding architecture and stunning interior elements provide visual elements your traditional office conference room doesn’t; leaving attendees with a profound sense of unexpected delight!

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