Three Top Virtual Teambuilding Trends in 2020

Three Top Virtual Teambuilding Trends in 2020

Three Top Virtual Teambuilding Trends in 2020

Let’s face it…  The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown us all for a loop, even if we’ve been lucky enough not to be sickened by it.  Those of us in the business of bringing people together have had to re-imagine how to achieve meeting objectives in a virtual environment for the time being.  One desired outcome for meetings & events is the benefit of teambuilding. Planners are finding that virtual team building can help replace valuable in-person forms of communication missing from today’s remote office. This allows remote co-workers get to know each other better, develop effective communication and enhance their teamwork skills.  Here we’ll explore the three top trends we’re seeing with regards to teambuilding in 2020.

Virtual Team Health Challenges:

During the quarantine, little has become as crucially important as promoting physical and emotional health.  Virtual teambuilding activities that focus on well-being are incredibly popular in 2020 as a way to encourage a healthy lifestyle of self-care amongst your remote team.  Physical activity can do wonders for combating anxiety and cabin fever.  What’s more, healthy team members are more productive team members – the perfect win-win!  Forward-thinking organizations are creating virtual employee health challenges or virtual corporate wellness platforms.  Programs like this allow you to achieve the following beneficial outcomes:

  • Create flexible employee health contests.
  • Track your employees’ progress in the health campaign.
  • Encourage healthy competition within the workforce.
  • Incentivize your top performers for motivating them.


Virtual Cooking Challenges:

You’ve heard of the quarantine fifteen, right?  Who doesn’t like to eat?! One of the best things about virtual culinary team building is you don’t have to be an athlete or touch anyone.  Bonus.  There are no ropes, golf clubs, or trust falls involved. In fact, you don’t even have to know how to cook.  Cooking with a team is energizing and builds confidence.  What’s even more is participants can do a virtual cooking challenge right in the comfort of their own home using their own kitchen.  Shopping lists are sent ahead of time or food deliveries can be set up for each participant to make it seamless and level the playing field.

Virtual Entertainment:

These days planners are looking for stress-free ways to deliver meaningful experiences to their teams..  For months, those teams have been much more isolated than in normal times.  As with Health & Cooking challenges, entertainment fills an inherent gap for human beings in quarantine.  Countless organizations are recognizing how they can positively impact the lives of their attendees by bringing laughter and wonder into their homes.  These activities range from Zoom improv to online magic shows–and they’re getting a big response as remote workplaces struggle to stay cohesive and low-stress.  Comedy purveyors such as Second City have added online group classes for improv, acting, writing and the list goes on.  AdventureGames has created a super fun and engaging reality show competition for as little at $35 per attendee.  Laughter has been medically proven to reduce stress and can bring people together.  2020 is a time where this silver bullet of virtual entertainment is needed more than ever!

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