Top 10 Incentive Destinations for 2016

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Working in incentive travel in 2016, it can be hard to wow your attendees and show them something new. So you need to think outside of the box. From the exotic shores of Croatia to the looming icebergs of Greenland, these 10 incentive destinations of of 2016 are just what the doctor ordered.

Rewarding employees is essential to keeping teams motivated and engaged. Bonuses can go a long way, but the thrill of vacationing on a company’s dime after a job well done is priceless. Successful organizations find ways to incentivize their best talent besides just internal recognition and added compensation.

Cape Town, South Africa

The bottom tip of Africa offers many wonders. Safaris to see the wildest animals you have ever seen can be mixed with wine tours that offer varietals that rival any other grape-producing region on the planet. Plus you can experience traditional African cooking at places like Clifford and Sandra’s in Khayelisha market, where to dig into beef stew and fried chicken with your bare hands (no cutlery allowed).

Nature lovers will be blown away by the Cape of Good Hope, a portion of the Table Mountain National Park that offers some of the best hiking in the world.


Canals and bike riding are the first items that come to mind when you think of Copenhagen. But there is so much more to the capital of Denmark. Danishs, those dry crumbly, vaguely cheesy things you see on a tray at your Monday morning meeting are actually works of art in Copenhagen.

And you can experience the wonders of Tivoli, a giant amusement and water park right next to the city’s main train station. With 4 million visitors per year, it might be too intense for some travelers, so for the art enthusiasts there is a range of museums and art galleries throughout the city.

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Puerto Vallarta

The beaches of Cancun have been calling to travelers of all stripes for years. But Puerto Vallarta, an alternative coastal gem on the Pacific offers the sun during the day and loads of exciting nightlife when the sun goes down.

And if you get bored with lying around on a pristine beach, you can join a ecotour and experience all the varieties of birds and wildlife in the area. Or venture out on a jungle trek powered by an all-terrain vehicle.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The majestic cliffs and stunning beaches of Dubrovnik create an inviting incentive destination for your employees. It is different. Lots of sales reps have won cruises to Bermuda and trips to Cancun, but how many can say they have been sent to the coast of Croatia? A nice bit of bragging rights for the next hotel bar pow-wow on the road.

Plus you can experience the fun nightlife of the beach city. For those more in the mood to relax, the beaches next to the Adriatic Sea provide an idyllic space to chill out and then travelers can walk the pedestrian-only straights of Old Town for shopping and eating.


Beautiful hot springs are one of the cool features of a trip to this sprawling Northern island. There is also the majesty of the northern lights bright up against the background of a dark winter sky. Throw in whale watching, dog sledding and midnight iceberg cruises, you are looking at the the trip of a lifetime.


Fjord tour, anyone? Those thin blue stripes of water, buoyed on each side by high-rise cliffs can make a nature lover out of even the most jaded corporate worker. And then, for a cool down, you can take a stroll on a glacier. No big deal.

If you add Norway to your list of incentive destinations, that alone might net you a 10% increase in productivity. It is that exotic and beautiful.


Off the coast of Spain, this island is home to beach resorts, of course, but also plenty of biking and hiking, so those with outdoor sporting interests will be well taken care of. As you venture further into the center of the island, you can visit wineries, farms and even get lesson in how to make sobrassada, the famous Majorcan pork sausage. Or, if you are not the sausage making type, just sample a freshly cured one.


What is striking about Dubai is not the world’s tallest building or the world’s largest mall, both nestled within the city’s limits, but the diverse population that lives, works and plays in a modern coastal metropolis that is governed by strict norms. World class restaurants and immensely clean public beaches are part of the city’s charm, along with a burgeoning art gallery scene and shopping districts.

French Riviera

Sitting on the beach overlooking the Mediterranean is nice, but you can do that on any Greek island. On the French Riviera, you can climb up hill to Eze, France, a village that dates back to the Middle Ages and features an array of cool little stores and art galleries. Or you can go for the glamour of St. Tropez or Cannes if celebrity sightings and giant yachts are more your speed.

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Savannah Georgia

The oldest city in the great state of Georgia, one may not think of Savannah as an incentive destination. But this history-laden place has Civil War sites, wonderful architecture on some of its historic homes and a plethora of shopping and eating for everyone.

Eating is the key word in that last sentence. The Southern soul food tradition is alive and well in Savannah and the riverfront is full of great places to chow down. 

With incentive travel’s proven benefits, you can motivate a team or an individual to a higher level of performance. That has benefits for managers, executives and modern companies. A happy employee is a productive employee.

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