WOW! Using Holograms to Create Memorable Meetings

WOW! Using Holograms to Create Memorable Meetings

Let’s face it, new technologies always come with hefty price tags. This may be the reason behind the average event planners’ slow adoption of hologram use in meetings. Although holograms are certainly innovative and exciting, the return on investment can be tough to measure, making it a luxury option for most.

Recently, however, technology companies have begun to find ways to make it a beneficial option for clients. Here are a few examples:

ARHT Media, Inc. holds a patent on HumaGrams™ which “transport” humans through space and time! Seems unreal, but the technology does deliver realistic 3D human holograms. Earlier this year, keynote speakers at the SALT Conference in Las Vegas, NV were presented via holograms to a sold-out crowd. Not only did the technology save time and money, it also eliminated geography barriers by allowing someone to physically be in two places at one time! According to ARHT Media, the use of holograms can revolutionize the way we produce events. Every sector, from healthcare to hospitality and beyond, can benefit from this technology.

On May 12, 2017, ARHT reached a significant milestone and successfully executed the first holographic press conference in the world.

Musion also offers a TelePresence product which provides holographic conferencing technology. This product touts the fact that “the technology reduces your carbon footprint, saving travel time and expense” for businesses. Their clients are able to interact with colleagues across the globe in virtual meetings without ever having to get on a plane. Sure, they could go “old school” and use video-conferencing instead…but what fun is there in that?

But meetings aren’t the only way to bring holographic images to your audience. Many trade show floors are also taking advantage of virtual reality. Companies like Trade Show Holograms are now offering a variety of holographic exhibit options. Using this technology eliminates the need to lug all your products around with you! Simply set up your hologram displays for each project and let the projection do all the work for you. Think of all the shipping costs you’ll save!

How can you incorporate holograms into your events?

If your market segment is slow to adopt new technology, you might want to start off small when selecting a holographic feature. Consider renting a small exhibit like those offered by Trade Show Holograms.

For those with a more adventurous an innovative following, why not book a virtual keynote speaker? NH | Hotel Group properties are all already set-up to accommodate events with holograms!

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